Go beyond the shallow stereotypes and soundbites about the Middle East. Discover critical issues facing Christians, Muslims and Jews and explore ways that Christians can amplify God's work in the region.


Network with those in the U.S. who have a heart for peace and restoration. Build relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Middle East.


Come and see the reality on the ground in the Holy Land and the broader region. Demonstrate the good news of Christ's kingdom in the Middle East.


The Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East (NEME) is a collective of pastors, ministry leaders, and scholars working together as followers of Jesus toward justice and peace, seeking holistic approaches to conflict in the Middle East, and encouraging the church toward deeper engagement with Jews, Christians, and Muslims in the region. 


We strive to:
  • stand with brothers and sisters in Christ and embody God’s love for all peoples of the Middle East
  • foster constructive conversations — public and private, irenic and provocative — on points of contention, including the Israel-Palestine conflict
  • examine evangelical biblical interpretation and theological convictions pertaining to the Middle East
  • challenge false narratives, destructive caricatures, and simplistic accounts of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • create useful resources, webinars and published materials and host conferences for the church
  • amplify Middle Eastern voices that move us toward a just peace for all peoples of the region
  • support positive change in the region through collaboration, advocacy, networking, education, volunteering and fundraising
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