The Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East (NEME) is a coalition of evangelical Christian pastors, scholars, and leaders and lay people who believe that a greater peace, a wider justice, and a more hopeful future is possible for the Middle East.

How can you engage with NEME?

NEME engages with evangelical leaders, scholars, and pastors in a two-pronged approach. Read more below about how we engage on the topic of a just peace in Israel, Palestine, and the broader Middle East academically and pastorally.

Academic Engagement

  • We endeavor to amplify the voices of scholars whose work (in history, theology, political science, biblical studies, religion, etc.) combines Christian charity and academic rigor, and addresses questions important for our understanding of the Middle East, the Israel-Palestine conflict, and the role of western Christianity in the region.
  • We seek to bring into constructive conversation scholars of divergent Christian traditions (conservative, progressive; Christian Zionist and non-Zionist; Dispensational, Reformed, postcolonial, etc.).
  • We host webinars on relevant themes (view previous webinars here).

Ecclesial Engagement

  • We provide resources for pastors and Christian leaders who want to help their congregations think biblically and theologically about Israel and Palestine.
  • We connect American Christian leaders to thoughtful Israelis and Palestinians whose stories and perspectives illuminate realities on the ground in the Holy Land.
  • We help Christian leaders find tours of the Holy Land that explore holy sites without neglecting the people of the Land and the challenges they face.
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