April 5, 2022: Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East (NEME) is excited to announce the new NEME Relationship Manager.
Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East (NEME) welcomes Mercy Aiken as the NEME Relationship Manager beginning in her role since mid-February 2022.

Upcoming Events

2023 Webinar Theme: Blessed Are the Peacemakers

These webinars will highlight the work of Christian peacemakers from across the Middle East and the U.S. and highlight underlying issues and obstacles and/or paths to peace from a Christian perspective.

Past Events

The End Times and Israel: What does the Bible say? A recent survey has indicated that 50% of evangelicals believe that the modern state of Israel is a fulfillment of biblical prophecy and that it serves as an indication of the imminent return of Jesus. Biblical scholars Nelson Kraybill and Rob Dalrymple look at the Scriptures and discuss what it says about Jesus, Israel, the end times, and the things that make for peace.

A Conversation with Everyday Peacebuilders in the USA (August 17 2023). NEME Relationship Manager Mercy Aiken spoke with Cari Conklin-Larsen and Andy Larsen about building relationship with refugees and immigrant neighbors, bridge-building across religious divides, especially Islam, and helpful pointers for developing a less-polarizing advocacy for Palestine/Israel.
A Conversation with Everyday Peacemakers in Israel/Palestine (July 7, 2023): NEME Relationship Manager Mercy Aiken spoke with Layla Alshekh and Leah Solomon about God’s vision for peace in Israel/Palestine and the challenges they face in their non-violent peacebuilding work in the land.
Imago Dei: Resources for Everyday Peacemaking (April 25, 2023): NEME Relationship Manager Mercy Aiken spoke with Osheta Moore and Catherine Skurja about the ways in which the concept of imago dei, God’s image reflected in humans and all creation, serves as a tool for Christians to engage in everyday peacemaking.

Peacemaking: From Genesis to Revelation (February 16, 2023): NEME Relationship Manager Mercy Aiken spoke with Dr. Jer Swigart about his unlikely call to global peacemaking and he offered a biblical framework for understanding peacemaking as a central aspect of the Christian Faith.

Part 1 (November 3, 2022) : Dr. Michael Brown, Rev. Moss Ntlha, and Sam Bahour discussed the use of the term “apartheid” in reference to the state of Israel.
Part 2 (November 10, 2022): Hedva Haymov, Rev. Dr. Munther Isaac, and Dr. Andrea Smith discussed the role of Christians in responding to accusations of apartheid and the realities on the ground in Israel/Palestine.
Does Israel’s treatment of Palestinians amount to Apartheid, as several major organizations have declared recently? Or does such talk delegitimize the State of Israel, ignore the security threats it faces, and needlessly inflame the region? This two-part webinar will consider why the Apartheid question is so polarizing, what is happening on the ground in the Holy Land, and how Christians might respond as non-partisan agents who support a just peace.

NEME’s Relationship Manager, Mercy Aiken hosted NEME’s first Live from the Holy Land prayer meetings in June 2022! Watch the recordings:
Prayer with Jack Sara of Bethlehem Bible College   
 Prayer with Hedva Haymov of Musalaha

“Yet in the Dark Streets Shining”: Palestinian Christian Faith in the Face of Struggle (March 23, 2022): A conversation around Bishara Awad’s newly released memoir, facilitated by Dr. Andrew Bush of the Bethlehem Institute for Peace and Justice. Bishara and Mercy talk about the story, how the book came together, and some of the larger theological questions that it addresses.

Health Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Access to Healthcare & COVID-19 Vaccines (Panel Discussion) (November 15, 2021): This panel discussion, hosted by the Network of Evangelicals for the Middle East and Peace Catalyst International, explores the effects of the military occupation of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza on healthcare, with a special focus on access to the COVID-19 vaccines.

NEME Speaking Tour with Dr. Bruce Fisk

November 2021

NEME’s Senior Research Fellow, Dr. Bruce Fisk, will be speaking at several locations across the US during the month of November. He might be at a location near you and Bruce would love to meet you!

The following events are annual conferences and will require registration to attend:

Wednesday, November 17 at 8:30 am CDT: Evangelical Theological Society‘s annual meeting in Fort Worth, Texas
Bruce will be reading his paper titled: Blessing Israel as Path to Prosperity? The Use and Abuse of Genesis 12:3 in Christian Zionism.

Sunday, November 21 at 4:00 pm CDT: The Society of Biblical Literature‘s annual meeting in San Antonio, Texas.
Bruce will be presenting his paper: Christian Zionism at 10,000 feet: Bible Reading and the Geopolitical Imagination
of Neo-Pentecostals in the Peruvian Andes

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